Parents. We are all flawed.

I had a discussion with a friend after she had an argument with her mother in law.

NO parent, is an expert. 80 year grannies are still discovering ways to love their own children, & allow their children & great grand children to go through their own journey. Learn from them. Let fellow parents learn. Don’t demand them to be you. Because essentially, that is in fact what you are doing.

Stop using the “I have __ years on you” line. It doesn’t mean a damn thing. Your opinion on things should remain just that. Giving advice vs telling a parent their method is wrong, are night & day. If you believe you have the right & accuracy to state “you’re wrong” or “trust me I know what’s best”, you dear, are mistaken. You don’t proceed to pressure your ways onto another parent, when they opt to do things differently. You don’t nag or become a child with out loud remarks like they can’t hear you as you storm off. Not even randomly when you find yourself disagreeing later on. It’s really not cute.

Mad that they deny your parenting “skills”? Get over it like the so called adult you are.

Intentional Existence


I would like to dedicate my first post of 2017, to a wonderful human being that I’m lucky to have met through a mutual friend. Her name is Ruth, & her blog is called “Intentional Existence“.

Her outlook on life, her motives, her drive, her awesome feel good vibes…. how could someone NOT enjoy her?! Please take a moment to venture over to her blog & show her some love. Try some recipes. Embrace such positivity!